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Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake

Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake: more than hundred years old, this recipe survived thanks to its simplicity and amazing flavours ! Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake is one of the evergreens baked quite often, combined with seasonal berries. A handful of any berries added to this perfect batter makes it so comforting… Read more »

Simple Greek Apple Cake

Simple Greek Apple Cake : simple and delicate, the way it has to be. My mother’s recipe note book hides a lot of treasures. This Simple Greek Apple Cake is really easy, frugal and tasty one. Since the ingredients do not have anything to do with typical Greek flavours I… Read more »

Simple Two Colour Cookies

Simple Two Colour Cookies : attractive and simple to make ! This version of Simple Two Colour Cookies could easily include children in the process. Once you make two coloured dough and roll it out, you start choosing shapes and cut just as you like them to be. Here are… Read more »

Maltesers Shortbread Bars

Maltesers Shortbread Bars : is there anything better than shortbread covered with chocolate ganache and crispy airy Maltesers ? The first Maltesers dessert I made to publish was no bake fridge cake. It tastes amazing every time I make it since we love Maltesers but it is impossible to serve… Read more »

Christmas Tree Cutout Cookies

  Christmas Tree Cutout Cookies are four ingredients Christmas cookies made with simple decorating technique. You may brush them with food color or cut any other holiday ornament! Kids can assist you too!   Hello everybody! Christmas time! It’s Friday evening and the last chance for me to make another… Read more »

Meat Loaf with Chayote

  Meatloaf with Chayote brings traditional meatloaf recipe to a higher level. Chayote gives a healthy kick with it’s mild taste.   Hello everybody ! Looking for healthier meat loaf ? By healthier, I mean fiber and vitamin loaded loaf that does not lack amazing flavours ! Why don’t you… Read more »