Hello everybody and welcome to 2pots2cook. Thank you for coming here. My name is Davorka and I am one of the two pots, the other one is my son, a loyal food taster and a patient assistant.
Our food blog ride began in 2015.

Looking back, I barely knew at the time how to hit the „publish“ button, but during the process, we both learned a lot and gained enough confidence to make creative dishes with a little twist, using everyday, familiar ingredients.

New friendships were an unexpected and pleasant bonus and we hope to continue to drive down that road and make the community grow.
My family is heart giving multi coloured and multi shaped one. Most of us are extroverted and loud and, thinking about it, I don’t know why it took me that long to step out and introduce myself. I guess it’s because we don’t open up to public that much.
Anyway, I gained a lot of skills since my first post was published and we both continue to grow. Not in size, luckily.

Recipes have been flowing into my family from different sources for ages now.
Here is the oldest photograph I have found so far, so you can see what we are made of :

2pots2cook is the place where it all comes together, uniting all the flavours from many recipe notebooks, creating a nice composition of who we really are.

I hope everybody will find something worth of trying here, but most of all I wish you feel cozy and comfortable during the ride.

God bless you all,