It’s almost like writing a preface for a newborn book. You know it takes love, time and dedication to do everything in the world. So is the case with this project.

We are a small family, my son and me. He is good at capturing beauty of the moment with his camera, I have a good pot, so to name my blog „2 pots“ seemed ideal.

I am absolutely certain that I have taken the only possible turn at the crossroads for my birthday. The path is about positive outcomes, good people and things and, above all, SHARING. There are so many wonderful people that have influenced me to become the way I am. Making the list of them all is an impossible task, so let me emphasize my hope that you also have that supportive, rejuvenating and inspiring people around you as I do.

Things always find their way. The same goes for food as well. Ancient grandmother’s recipes’ penmanship, my mothers’ blessed garden resources, my friends and my resolve have started creating this sharing point.

It is not about fancy ingredients. The times are hard rather than relaxing; it is all about creation. Love. Survival. I sincerely hope you will find it interesting enough to visit and try at least some of the recipes. Every suggestion and question is more than welcome.

And at the end, let me mention my loving cousin Z. that has spiced it all with her patience. Thank you, dear.

God bless you all.