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Mexican Pizza with One Secret Ingredient

Mexican Pizza with One Secret Ingredient: two beautiful cultures joined together. Heaven! The first time I came across the idea of making Mexican Pizza was on social networks. I would usually do tortilla wraps, enchiladas, chimichangas or something on those lines, but I loved the idea of making this pizza… Read more »

Tuna Stromboli

  Tuna Stromboli is simple pizza crust turnover filled with tomato sauce, tuna, and mozzarella. Buon appetito !   The most amazing fact about Italian food is its simplicity. Basic ingredients are the source of delicious recipes. As long as you have tomatoes or tomato sauce, mozzarella, peperoni, prosciutto, any… Read more »

Spaghetti Fritters

  Spaghetti Fritters also known as Fritelle di Spaghetti are frugal and tasty week dinner recipe made with spaghetti leftovers. It is sooooo obvious we had spaghetti yesterday ! My biggest challenge while cooking is boiling too much pasta. Every single time ! But I guess we all do the same.… Read more »

Cheesy Baked Rice

Cheesy Baked Rice recipe: light and seducing. Perfect for warmer seasons. Italian way ! When started to create this dish, I wondered about the thickness. That is why I chose Arborio thinking if it is good for risotto it will definitely keep the baked ingredients together. I am happy to… Read more »