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Homemade Fig Jam

  Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa. Fresh figs, sugar, orange, or lemon juice to have no pectin small batch of fig preserves! Three ingredients only!   I love making homemade fig preserves with orange juice, not lemon. For that purpose, you may prefer… Read more »

Cashew Nut and Fruit Bars

Cashew Nut and Fruit Bars : delicious and easy to do ! For all the people that exercise these Cashew Nut and Fruit Bars are perfect to have while driving home afterwards but I do not exercise. Yoga only. In the morning. For me, energy balls are perfect to pack… Read more »

Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart

  Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart is beautiful, melted chocolate and fresh figs tart. Best fig tart recipe for late summer desserts!   This Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart is irresistible culinary delicacy par excellence if you love figs.   Besides chocolate, what is a good pairing with figs?  … Read more »

Rustic Mediterranean Fig Cookies

  Rustic Mediterranean Fig Cookies are easy homemade cookies with fresh figs. Perfect coastal delicacy.   Fresh figs, all their varieties, are our favourite late summer fruit. Mediterranean people appreciate this fruit on their special way. Fresh figs fed generations of islanders during the wars, hungers, and travels. When making… Read more »