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One Pan Chicken Enchilada Bake

  One Pan Chicken Enchilada Bake is delicious one skillet budget friendly rotisserie chicken Mexican meal made in 30 minutes. Garnished with sour cream and sliced green onions or chopped fresh cilantro, it is an easy recipe we love very much!   Since we all are in the process of… Read more »

Creamy Pulled Pork Ramen

Creamy Pulled Pork Ramen : quick and easy pulled pork leftovers’ week diner ! When preparing pulled pork, we always have some leftovers : the reason for this is quite a large portion of meat baked. Pulled pork is something you cannot make in small quantities . There are some… Read more »

Panettone Leftovers Breakfast Bake

  Panettone Leftovers Breakfast Bake is beautiful, rich, delicious breakfast bake with butter and lemon dressing and egg mixture spread over leftover panettone. Christmas casserole bake from Heaven ! I really enjoy cooking and baking. It runs in my family for years. My grandmother was known to bake wedding cakes… Read more »

Classic Spaghetti Pie

  Classic Spaghetti Pie is perfect hearty week dinner. You can preboil spaghetti noodles or use leftover spaghetti to make this crispy crust easy spaghetti bake. Is there anything better than baked spaghetti ? We don’t think so ! You just need large bowl to combine preboiled spaghetti, shredded mozzarella… Read more »

Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

  Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas are easy chicken rotisserie dish with corn tortillas, Mexican way, with sour cream. Healthy guacamole and cheese filling make it your new favorite dish.   How to make rotisserie chicken enchiladas? You start with spraying 10 x 10 inches baking dish. Spread guacamole on tortillas, add… Read more »

Easy Chilaquiles Frittata Bake

  Easy Chilaquiles Frittata Bake is tortilla chips frittata bake with sliced sausage, cheese leftovers, and eggs for best Mexican breakfast ever! It could easily turn into budget friendly week dinner!   To start with, prepare large bowl to combine all the ingredients in. You don’t need tortilla and cut… Read more »