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North Pole Brownies Icebox Cake

  North Pole Brownies Ice Box Cake is kid friendly three ingredients chocolate and mint dessert. No baking time required. Done in 15 minutes only!   Do you grow any herbs on your balcony? I have lots of the pots on all the sides and constantly rearrange them to find… Read more »

Forest Berries Crepes Salad

Forest Berries Crepes Salad : Highlight of the season ! If your children resist eating fruits, this Forest Berries Crepes Salad just may make the difference. It is a perfect season to make them now using fresh fruits but you may also use frozen ones so it may be done… Read more »

Maltesers Shortbread Bars

Maltesers Shortbread Bars : is there anything better than shortbread covered with chocolate ganache and crispy airy Maltesers ? The first Maltesers dessert I made to publish was no bake fridge cake. It tastes amazing every time I make it since we love Maltesers but it is impossible to serve… Read more »

Milk Chocolate Rice Krispies Bars

  Milk Chocolate Rice Krispies Bars are delicious crispy treats with milk chocolate. No baking chocolate rice krispies loaded with marshmallows are kid friendly cereal dessert! Done under 30 minutes!   I did not grow up eating food from boxes. This was not an option for my mother and grandmother… Read more »

Baby Spinach Gorgonzola Creamy Soup

Baby Spinach Gorgonzola Creamy Soup: Delicious spring comfort food. Popeye approved ! There is a huge difference in flavour and nutrition if you prepare this soup using frozen spinach rather than fresh, baby leaves. Fresh greens are so much tastier! It is sooo good to enjoy spring and its gifts… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Boats

Chocolate Chip Cookie Boats: Roll, roll, roll the boats … These are made of very simple pastry made of well known ingredients. The shape of the little boats is formed by tablespoon’s back and, when baked, filled with any kind of spread. So, if you have kids, or live in… Read more »

Banana Ice Cream Bread

How to make an egg free bread using bananas and banana ice cream ! Banana Ice Cream Bread is an excellent breakfast and the tastiest healthy snack every kid will love. Have you ever found your child making banana bread ice cream sandwich ? My son cut two slices of… Read more »