Marigold Petals – Dried


Marigold is known to be good replacement for zafferano / saffron when cooking. If you have a garden or are free to use someone else’s as I do, pick some flowers up and dry them to see if it works for creations in your kitchen. I remember my grandmother saying if  flowers are closed in the morning we could have rain. Compare this words with your local weatherman and, eventually, take umbrella, just in case.

Dried Marigold Petals are edible flowers and good replacement for saffron

Anyway, I decided to dry petals so check taste and color for rice, cheese spreads, sauces, curds, cakes and breads . Simple recipe follows below. It is so hot these days that the petals dry in speed of light. Sun is too strong to help with drying. It would take their beautiful color away. So, I have placed them in a shadow. Light breeze helped a lot. Petals were dried in five days completely. Also, after baking pizza, I have laid the petals to the oven when turned off but still hot. They stayed in there until the oven got cold completely. It speeded the process a lot. My idea was to mince the petals and add to sugar and to keep some dried petals in a dark glass jar to wait for another idea to pop up. What makes me happy is that, at the end of this process, I have found out Marigolds to be beautiful, frugal way.
Also, I keep the petals dried in a dark glass jar, covered with kitchen paper.

Dried Marigold Petals are edible flowers and good replacement for saffron

Marigold Petals Dried

Course Canning / preserving
Cuisine Mediterranean
Keyword Marigold Petals - Dried
Author 2pots2cook


  • 30 marigold blossoms


  1. Gently take away the petals and lay them on a tea towel or paper.
  2. Dry them for 5 – 7 days until you feel with your fingertips they are dry and crunchy.




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