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Baby Spinach Gorgonzola Creamy Soup

Baby Spinach Gorgonzola Creamy Soup: Delicious spring comfort food. Popeye approved ! There is a huge difference in flavour and nutrition if you prepare this soup using frozen spinach rather than fresh, baby leaves. Fresh greens are so much tastier! It is sooo good to enjoy spring and its gifts… Read more »

Hemp Pasta Alfredo

  Hemp Pasta Alfredo is healthy gluten free pasta week dinner recipe with creamy Alfredo daughter sauce done under 20 minutes! Perfect for two! During working days, arriving home late, especially after holidays, we all make a dinner for us and family. Something healthy, quickly done, tasteful, slightly different than… Read more »

Creamy Peanut Butter Noodles

  Creamy Peanut Butter Noodles are easy week dinner, made with creamy peanut butter and udon noodles. Ready in ten minutes!   This is peanut butter sauce and noodles recipe for two people garnished with edible flowers. You may do the same or garnish this delicious dish with red pepper… Read more »