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Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake

Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake: more than hundred years old, this recipe survived thanks to its simplicity and amazing flavours ! Vintage Blueberry Coffee Cake is one of the evergreens baked quite often, combined with seasonal berries. A handful of any berries added to this perfect batter makes it so comforting… Read more »

Italian Festive Cake (Bustrengo)

  Italian Festive Cake (Bustrengo) is traditional Christmas cake with dried figs, apples, lemon zest, honey, olive oil, and polenta. Bursting with festive flavours, it is beautiful dense yet moist dessert.   Traditionally, the cake was prepared in a fireplace, in a copper pot with a lid that was covered… Read more »

Isabella Grape Jam

  Isabella Grape Jam: Heard it through the grapevine …   I still remember the fragrance the Isabella grapes released after rain in my grandmother’s backyard. We used to play hide-and-seek there under the grand grapevine roof, all around the chairs, running among the Isabella vines and peonies. Is there… Read more »