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Easy Plum Jam

  Easy Plum Jam is the best way to use fresh plums during their season. Easy low sugar plum jam for first time jam makers!   Blue plums are the best for making jam, prunes or grappa. You don’t need to peel their soft skin away since it dissolves while… Read more »

Shredded Zucchini Patties

Shredded zucchini patties are super easy  and super delicious ! Evergreen every way ! Another healthy and tasty week dinner. Needless to say how easy it is to make them and how budget friendly they are. In 15 minutes only, you make healthy patties with grated hard cheese. These can… Read more »

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Livers

  Bacon Wrapped Chicken Livers are budget friendly and easy livers wrapped in bacon slices. Perfect and healthy appetizer or week dinner.   Chicken livers are healthy to consume. There are many ways you can prepare them and this soup is one of the dishes you may add them into.… Read more »