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Easy Raspberry Cake from Scratch

  Easy Raspberry Cake from Scratch is rustic and easy one bowl cake recipe with fresh raspberries. Whisked in ten minutes, it makes amazing dessert for all raspberry lovers! Moist and soft slices are perfect to enjoy with your afternoon coffee or tea. It is one bowl raspberry cake people!… Read more »

Chestnut and Pancetta Focaccia

  Chestnut and Pancetta Focaccia is beautiful late summer meal made with chestnut flour and boiled chestnuts. On the top, there is a layer of pancetta stessa ( flat pancetta ) to add smoky flavours to chestnut batter.   What is focaccia ? The name focaccia derives from the Roman “panis… Read more »

Tortano Bread from Scratch

  Tortano Bread from Scratch is Italian Easter bread filled with eggs, spicy salami, ham, cheese and pork crackings. Perfect brunch or outdoor picnic snack. In most of the cases, we serveTortano and Casatiello for Easter brunch. One of the differences between these two is that hard boiled eggs are… Read more »


  Castagnaccio is chestnut flour, rosemary, pine nuts, dried fruit, dense, rustic Italian cake. Autumnal Italian classic!   If you prefer experiencing different tastes and flavours, especially desserts with low sugar, this Castagnaccio recipe is the one you are looking for. Tuscans don’t use a lot of sugar to make… Read more »

Simple Focaccia

  Simple Focaccia is easy Italian focaccia bread recipe using Manitoba flour, olive oil and warm water. Great to enjoy simple slice with wine or cut to make a sandwich but could be served with stew or soup!   How to make focaccia bread? When making the dough my grandmother… Read more »

Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart

  Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart is beautiful, melted chocolate and fresh figs tart. Best fig tart recipe for late summer desserts!   This Rustic Fig and Chocolate Tart is irresistible culinary delicacy par excellence if you love figs.   Besides chocolate, what is a good pairing with figs?  … Read more »

Italian Festive Cake (Bustrengo)

  Italian Festive Cake (Bustrengo) is traditional Christmas cake with dried figs, apples, lemon zest, honey, olive oil, and polenta. Bursting with festive flavours, it is beautiful dense yet moist dessert.   Traditionally, the cake was prepared in a fireplace, in a copper pot with a lid that was covered… Read more »

Fig Jam Italian Pie

  Fig Jam Italian Pie : Crostata di Marmelatta di Fico is homemade pie dough dessert. Filling is fig jam, also homemade with lattice pattern on the top. Italian at its best!   This crostata recipe is my grandmother’s. If you have good, hundreds or thousands of time tested from… Read more »