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Pesto Pancetta Rolls

Pesto Pancetta Rolls : Super easy to make with your favourite pesto, store bought or homemade. Pancetta gives the very special smoky flavour ! To get eight rolls of Pesto Pancetta Rolls, you need 2 cups of Manitoba flour : It is named after Canadian province since it originates from… Read more »

Nutella French Toast Rolls

  Nutella French Toast Rolls are easy and delicious stuffed French toast rolls to serve for breakfast. Once done, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and served hot, they are the best roll recipe!   How to make Nutella French Toast Rolls with homemade Nutella? After you toast hazelnuts, their skin falls… Read more »

Spinach Ricotta Rolls

  Spinach Ricotta Rolls are easy spinach roll recipe with low – fat ricotta cheese. Made with store bought puff pasty, you get a week dinner ready to enjoy in 35 minutes !   Besides great healthy vegetarian week dinner, these spinach ricotta rolls are amazing appetizers for parties and… Read more »

Chocolate Cheesecake Rolls

  Chocolate Cheesecake Rolls are great breakfast for all soft dough lovers. It is enriched with cocoa powder and cream cheese filling!   If you look at the photos, it may look complicated to make this breakfast but it’s far from truth! Rolls are simple and quick to make and… Read more »