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Poppy Seed Bread with Glaze

  Poppy Seed Bread with Glaze is fantastic lemon poppy seed recipe with fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar glaze. Easily served as afternoon cake, it turns into dessert everybody loves!   How to make this poppy seed bread? We started with 11 inches bread pan. It is important to… Read more »

Mandarin and Poppy Seeds Cake Roll

  Mandarin and Poppy Seeds Cake Roll is easy poppy seed roll recipe with Mascarpone filling and refreshing slices of canned mandarin oranges. Low sugar and light dessert!   This refreshing mandarin orange and poppy seeds roll is younger sister to Festive Cannoli Cake Roll .   It is not… Read more »

Poppy Seed Cheesecake Crinkles

  Poppy Seed Cheesecake Crinkles unite the best of cream cheese, lemon zest and poppy seeds in a new way! Crinkle cookie way!   Cheesecake flavors and moist texture makes this batch of poppy seed cookies chewy inside and they remain fresh on your kitchen counter, room temperature, for few… Read more »

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole is a great one-pan flavoursome dish packed with tasty ingredients and mile–high cracker crumbs! What I like about this all-in-one meal is the baking phase: it’s usual for everybody to drop into the kitchen here, once succulent flavours start coming out of the oven. It is… Read more »

Black Poppy Seed Pancakes

Black Poppy Seed Pancakes: Little Black Dressed  – one step to Perfection !   Saturday afternoon with no much to do. The rain is about to start and kitchen is calling me. I cannot resist. I do not even try to. Not any more. One look to the pots and… Read more »

Poppy Seed Balls (No Bake)

A bed of roses for black pearls. If you have roses that are not chemically treated in your garden or balcony, you can always add some petals to any dish: sweet or savory. Poppy seed is used in plenty of dishes, sweet and savory, for thousands of years, all over… Read more »