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Pizza Rustica

  Pizza Rustica is southern Italian pizza served for Easter. It is also known as Italian Easter Pie but we enjoy making it for Sunday lunch or any other occasion, too. Loaded with Ricotta, mortadella, ham, and salami, it is one of staples at our home!   This post was… Read more »

6-inch Italian Easter Ricotta Pie

  6-inch Italian Easter Ricotta Pie is old Italian ricotta pie. Brave ones add lemon zest, cinnamon, and orange zest into filling. Once you make it, you’ll understand why! 😊   This 6-inch Italian Easter Ricotta Pie is smaller version of what we usually make for Easter. Just like this… Read more »

Grandmother’s Pine Nut Pie

  Grandmother’s Pine Nut Pie : Torta della Nonna con Pignoli recipe.   Hello everybody ! We had my birthday party last week end and I decided to bake and publish one of two best desserts I grew up with: Grandmother’s Pine Nut Pie. There is something very special about… Read more »

Mini Apple Pies

  Mini Apple Pies are individual pies loaded with Granny Smith apple filling, cinnamon, and brown sugar wrapped in ready to use pie crust. Harvest time perfect bites to serve with vanilla ice cream!   Nice and quick work, these muffin sized apple pies! Especially if you use store bought… Read more »

Fig Jam Italian Pie

  Fig Jam Italian Pie : Crostata di Marmelatta di Fico is homemade pie dough dessert. Filling is fig jam, also homemade with lattice pattern on the top. Italian at its best!   This crostata recipe is my grandmother’s. If you have good, hundreds or thousands of time tested from… Read more »

Brownie Pie with Pecans

Brownie Pie with Pecans: Brownies with a little twist. Pie-dressed brownies have been an interesting novelty for my guests. Once I explained the process and its simplicity, they were truly overjoyed. The delightful brownie taste is still there, while the pie crust keeps it all together. Keeping brownies in one… Read more »

Greek Yogurt Pie Bars

  Greek Yogurt Pie Bars are easy dessert recipe with Greek yogurt and sour cream, garnished with edible flowers and low in sugar. Perfect healthy ingredients for the best pie bars!   Let me start with information about creamy and healthy Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium,… Read more »