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Italian Stuffed Meatloaf

  Italian Stuffed Meatloaf loaded with Italian sausage, pancetta wrapped in beef steak is this holidays’ season favorite. Great Sunday lunch too !   Italian Stuffed Meatloaf is younger brother of Farsu Magru; the story started in 13th century, on Sicily, with simple piece of meat rolled around bread crumbs.… Read more »

Potato-Crusted Mediterranean Meatloaf

Potato-Crusted Mediterranean Meat Loaf : Every bite of this tender, juicy meatloaf is full of flavours with feta cheese, zucchini slices and bell pepper strips. Potato crust makes it complete ! Friends from abroad visited us for a week end and it happened to be perfect occasion to bake Potato-Crusted… Read more »

Meat Loaf with Chayote

  Meatloaf with Chayote brings traditional meatloaf recipe to a higher level. Chayote gives a healthy kick with it’s mild taste.   Hello everybody ! Looking for healthier meat loaf ? By healthier, I mean fiber and vitamin loaded loaf that does not lack amazing flavours ! Why don’t you… Read more »