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Italian Stuffed Meatloaf

  Italian Stuffed Meatloaf loaded with Italian sausage, pancetta wrapped in beef steak is this holidays’ season favorite. Great Sunday lunch too !   Italian Stuffed Meatloaf is younger brother of Farsu Magru; the story started in 13th century, on Sicily, with simple piece of meat rolled around bread crumbs.… Read more »

Potato-Crusted Mediterranean Meatloaf

Potato-Crusted Mediterranean Meat Loaf : Every bite of this tender, juicy meatloaf is full of flavours with feta cheese, zucchini slices and bell pepper strips. Potato crust makes it complete ! Friends from abroad visited us for a week end and it happened to be perfect occasion to bake Potato-Crusted… Read more »

Chayote Meat Loaf

Chayote Meatloaf makes perfect lunch or dinner using chayote instead zucchini to give that refreshing taste to every slice, served with vegetables you prefer. Chayote is just perfect to use both for sweet and savoury dishes. This Chayote Meatloaf proves it the best way. Few years back I made Chayote… Read more »