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Cauliflower Bread Recipe

  Cauliflower Bread Recipe is low carb easy mild taste healthy bread. Enriched with chopped mini green sweet peppers.   This light and tender Cauliflower Bread Recipe is perfect cauliflower recipe for beginners. As Purple Cauliflower Steaks is. If you use white cauliflower head instead, it works great, too!  … Read more »

Honey Cake Loaf

  Honey Cake Loaf is delicious moist honey cake recipe baked in loaf pan. Low in sugar, enriched with honey, semi-sweet chocolate chips and pear puree. Perfect for holidays.   How to make moist honey cake loaf? It is so easy to make it! You start with dry ingredients (flour,… Read more »

Banana Walnut Bread

When making breakfast base for several days ahead this Banana Walnut Bread is, of course, the best solution. Bread remains fresh if kept in a box or wrapped and kept in a fridge. I prefer to make two smaller loafs; first, there is always a possibility to give one away.… Read more »