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Honey Beer Bread

  Honey Beer Bread recipe is great to have at hand if you are out of yeast. Beer, honey, baking soda, and baking powder with few more ingredients make tasty slices of bread to enjoy with extra honey and melted butter! I mean, if you’re OK with giving one beer… Read more »

Honey Cake Loaf

  Honey Cake Loaf is delicious moist honey cake recipe baked in loaf pan. Low in sugar, enriched with honey, semi-sweet chocolate chips and pear puree. Perfect for holidays.   How to make moist honey cake loaf? It is so easy to make it! You start with dry ingredients (flour,… Read more »

Rustic Mediterranean Fig Cookies

  Rustic Mediterranean Fig Cookies are easy homemade cookies with fresh figs. Perfect coastal delicacy.   Fresh figs, all their varieties, are our favourite late summer fruit. Mediterranean people appreciate this fruit on their special way. Fresh figs fed generations of islanders during the wars, hungers, and travels. When making… Read more »

Banana Bread with Yogurt

  Banana Bread with Yogurt is one bowl, moist, healthy, and light breakfast bread recipe with simple yogurt topping for banana and yogurt lovers!   This banana bread recipe includes two table spoons of sugar only. I added the same quantity of honey to make it healthier. It is budget… Read more »

No Bake Energy Balls

No Bake Energy Balls are healthy, time saving and nutritious breakfast or a snack. Energy boosting ! These balls are perfect for breakfast with your coffee. Wrap them into a wax paper and take to work. I usually do that and have my breakfast there. They are perfect for all… Read more »