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Forest Fruits Hand Pies

  Forest Fruits Hand Pies made with love under 30 minutes! Store bought puff pasty and fresh berry filling, some coarse sugar and there you have a bit messy hand pies to enjoy!   This is our second batch of berry hand pies. The first one was tasteful too since… Read more »

Simple Forest Fruits Bundles

  Simple Forest Fruits Bundles are kid friendly bundles of forest fruits wrapped in short crust pastry. Done under 30 minutes!   Store bought short crust pasty wraps are great for forest berries to prepare a bit different way. It is kid friendly, chocolate free dessert my son finds inviting.… Read more »

Panettone Leftovers Breakfast Bake

  Panettone Leftovers Breakfast Bake is beautiful, rich, delicious breakfast bake with butter and lemon dressing and egg mixture spread over leftover panettone. Christmas casserole bake from Heaven ! I really enjoy cooking and baking. It runs in my family for years. My grandmother was known to bake wedding cakes… Read more »

Forest Berries Crepes Salad

Forest Berries Crepes Salad : Highlight of the season ! If your children resist eating fruits, this Forest Berries Crepes Salad just may make the difference. It is a perfect season to make them now using fresh fruits but you may also use frozen ones so it may be done… Read more »