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Side Dishes

Chayote Meat Loaf

This time I have used Chayote fruits for savory dish: a meat loaf. Since Chayote can be used as all squashes, I decided to replace chopped zucchinis with Chayote and added it into a meat loaf to discover the taste. Also, it was a perfect timing to taste new “production”… Read more »

Pumpkin Cranberry Jam

When Jack O’ Lanterns’ time arrives, it is good idea to save the pumpkin meat that you take out if the pumpkin is not too big. If it is, then pulpa will not be as tasteful as it is when using the medium and smaller ones. To manage leftovers, use… Read more »

Tomato Salsa

For best results, use high quality fresh tomatoes. But, if you have decided to make salsa on your own, and are now reading this, I am sure you already know that. This year, when salsa was done, I have packed several plastic bags containing 2 cups each and stored them… Read more »

Tzatziki Homemade

The purpose of this yogurt dish is to cool Gyros passion a bit. Wonderful combination. It is recommend to leave Tzatziki in fridge at least one hour before serving. It is best when served cold. If you combine this dip with any kind of BBQ you will not regret it.… Read more »

Homemade Pita Bread

Although intended for Gyros, flat bread pockets are excellent for any kind of dish, hot and cold, savory and sweet; also, if kept in plastic, could be used another day. I find them good with Tzatziki dip for an afternoon snack. They are multifunctional: if left with no forks somewhere… Read more »