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Chestnut Pasta from Scratch

  Chestnut Pasta from Scratch is Italian homemade pasta with wheat flour and chestnut flour. Hearty, nutty, enriched with bitter cocoa powder, it makes an excellent pasta dough for savoury and sweet dishes.   My dear grandmother had a golden rule for pasta making: 13 tablespoons of wheat flour +… Read more »

Oxtail Stew (Coda alla Vaccinara)

  Oxtail Stew (Coda alla Vaccinara) is traditional Italian oxtails stew, refined and elegant. Loaded with vegetables, slowly boiled in red wine to have tender beef, it is the best if served with your favourite pasta, polenta or risotto.   Oxtail is not that easy to get these days. We… Read more »

Creamy Shrimp Risotto

  Creamy Shrimp Risotto is Italian rice dish recipe made with arborio rice. Creamy and done in 30 minutes, with parmesan cheese, it makes rich  festive lunch or week dinner after your busy day!   If you are looking for easy shrimp risotto recipe, you are at the right place!… Read more »

Ribollita Toscana

  Ribollita Toscana aka Zuppa di Ribollita is tasty hearty, comforting Tuscan soup, loaded with vegetables and beans. Roasted stale bread on the top thickens the soup and makes it irresistible!   What does ribollita mean in english? The word “ribollita” translates from the Italian to “reboiled,” as this soup… Read more »

Frog Legs Milanese

  Frog Legs Milanese are Italian staple food for centuries. This version is ready under 25 minutes and is amazing meat delicacy most similar to chicken. Frogs are a common food in the northern part of Italy, especially throughout Piemonte and Lombardy and within these two regions especially in the Vercelli… Read more »

Pasta alla Norma (Eggplant Pasta)

  Pasta alla Norma (Eggplant Pasta) is easy traditional Sicilian pasta dish loaded with tomato sauce and fried eggplant. Garnished with grated parmesan and fresh basil, it is vegetarian, easy to prepare comforting pasta dish!   Pasta alla Norma is arguably the best representation of Sicilian cuisine out there;  let me… Read more »

Pizza Rustica

  Pizza Rustica is southern Italian pizza served for Easter. It is also known as Italian Easter Pie but we enjoy making it for Sunday lunch or any other occasion, too. Loaded with Ricotta, mortadella, ham, and salami, it is one of staples at our home!   This post was… Read more »