Homemade Fig Jam


Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.

Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.

I love making Homemade Fig Jam with orange juice, not lemon. For that purpose, you may prefer low sugar oranges. If not at hand, you may add lemon juice instead.

Low sugar oranges’ juice gives better, slightly sharp, tangy and bright taste to the jam, once done.
Whenever I make artificial pectin free jams, it is hard to measure it’s quantity since I pour it into hot glass jars immediately and turn the jars upside down. Then I wrap them, all together, into clean large towels, like the ones we use for sunbathing and leave to cool completely.
Once cooled, I turn them back to their base and store. This is my grandmother’s ancient, simple way, and it works every time. Single exception is if your glass jars’ covers are damaged inside. If so, please replace them. Damaged ones may cause spoiling your precious preserves.

Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.

If you run through the whole today’s post, looking at all the photos, you’ll see some cheese, lavender and fresh horseradish since we love to serve early autumn appetizers like this : cheese, figs, jam, horseradish soaked in honey and some grissini.
While shopping in my neighbourhood few days ago, I spotted hard cheese wrapped in lavender and just couldn’t, resist ! So, now you know the whole story behind all the props used on the set 🙂 :

Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.

My father passed away 31 day ago and I have finally managed to say it out loud. He just fell asleep. The best way to go, isn’t it ? So now, we’ll have to cope with „new normal“. I keep on listening that we have to get used to „new normal“ due to covid but I didn’t think about my interpretation of it in my wildest dreams. The worst of all was we could not have been close to him since all health institution were closed for visitors due to that virus monster.
This jam is my coming back on track, after so many things happened inside and outside. I was seriously, deeply considering our priorities and decided to continue food blogging since it brings pleasant contacts, virtual friends and sort of therapy, once a week. Just like prescribed 🙂
Besides, my father would love to see me continuing with all the stuff I’m involved in.

Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.
So, before you read the recipe, let me just mention i used this Fig Jam for:

Fig jam Italian Pie  :


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Homemade Fig Jam

Homemade Fig Jam : Marmellata di Fichi : come farla di casa.

Course Canning / preserving
Cuisine Mediterranean
Keyword Homemade Fig Jam
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 2 lb fresh figs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Fresh juice of one orange or ½ lemon


  1. Gently wash the figs and cut the stems.

  2. Cut each fig into quarters and place them in heavy bottom pot.

  3. Add sugar and orange /lemon juice.

  4. Slowly boil on medium heat for 20 minutes. The jam should be thick. If still runny, boil for additional 2 – 5 minutes. If you test using thermometer, it should show 220 F.

  5. Turn the oven to 180 C / 356 F. prepare large clean towel to wrap the jars,once filled.

  6. Place glass jars into the oven. Leave the covers out, aside so you can seal the jars, once filled.

  7. Take one jar out, pour the jam, cover tightly and turn the jar upside down. Leave it aside.

  8. Do the same with the rest of jam, wrap the filled jars all around with towel and leave to cool completely. I leave them overnight for the best results.

  9. Store in dark place. If jar fails to seal properly, keep it in the fridge and use within a month.


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