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December 2015

Chayote Meat Loaf

This time I have used Chayote fruits for savory dish: a meat loaf. Since Chayote can be used as all squashes, I decided to replace chopped zucchinis with Chayote and added it into a meat loaf to discover the taste. Also, it was a perfect timing to taste new “batch”… Read more »

Choco Coco Bars

This is a simple dessert made from a few easy available ingredients. When I was a kid, I used to make this with my sister and mother: dipping the sponge cake bars to chocolate icing, of course, was the favorite part especially if you know that me and my sister… Read more »

Chayote Mini Bundt Cakes

Chayote given to me at slow food gathering proved to be a good ingredient for both savory and sweet dishes. Here comes the sweet one: These Minis have taken great attention by my friends so I decided to share the recipe with you. For one cup of grated Chayote, it… Read more »

Pretzels Homemade

Welcome to my frugal balcony again. I hope pretzels are noticed here. When having a snack, cappuccino creates additional bonus. While investigating about Pretzels I have found their origin back in Early Middle Ages. Monasteries were the places where these creations came from. Italian, not German as I thought. Pretiola… Read more »