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November 2015

Carob Apple Muffins

This is an old recipe that has survived decades, giving its best when carobs are dried and minced in fall to be used during winter time. The pods are rich in pectin, non allergenic and has 1/3 of calories comparing to the same weight of chocolate. Originally, the ingredients are… Read more »

Red Wine Chocolate Bundt Cake

This type of cake is usually baked for Christmas. Although I must say that we had a very cold Easter this year so it served us well then with mulled wine. I got this recipe from my friend that has two wonderful children.The daughter is very much into taking photographs… Read more »

Poppy Seed Balls (No Bake)

A bed of roses for black pearls. If you have roses that are not chemically treated in your garden or balcony, you can always add some petals to any dish: sweet or savory. Poppy seed is used in plenty of dishes, sweet and savory, for thousands of years, all over… Read more »

Jamaica No Bake Balls

Jamaica No Bake Balls – white chocolate and coconut dessert made in few minutes. Suits every occasion.   This is an ancient recipe. It was fancy, very fancy indeed since it was not that easy and cheap to get a bar of white chocolate. Swiss producer Nestle has launched white… Read more »

Quince Cheese – Grandmother’s Recipe

When the quinces’ season arrived, my grandmother used to made cheese and jam around mid-October or first days of November and put the rest of the fruits all over to release their fragrance in the rooms. Cheese was cut and kept in wooden boxes, sometimes with rosemary, sometimes with dry… Read more »